it’s the end of a good thing

All good things must come to an end and this class was no different.

I can honestly say that as a person who has taken numerous art courses across the span of five years, this class is different.

It isn’t too liberal; there are guidelines that an artist must follow in order to get the idea of a certain element or principle of art.

But it isn’t restricted in the realm of possibilities and ideas.

It truly is a creative process unlike others that I’ve been exposed to before.

I only wish that we could have done some sort of class project together.

But that’s just an after thought.

I learned a lot about personal style and technique in this class.

And how to blend the two together in order to find a happy medium.

I’ve learned that art is meant to be pleasing to one person only and that’s myself.

And I’ve learned that improvisation is part of the creative process.

Things don’t always turn out the way you expect or want them to,

But that in itself is art.

Thanks for a great semester!


self-portrait: summative post


This was the nose I started with.

And after several attempts to make it bigger, I ended up with this.


And I liked how it turned out because it seemed to truly be my nose.

It wasn’t too skinny or too small; I made sure to capture its bulbous nose-ness.

I moved downward instead of upward, avoiding my glasses until the end.

I focused on my lips and tried my best not to smile or do anything with my face.

From there, I moved to the cheeks and tried my best to capture my features in the light they were in.


I did my eyes last.

Eyes have a certain thing about them that truly changes a face.

They have character in the way they’re shaped and in the way they reflect light.

I wanted to do my eyes justice.

But without any emotion in my face, my eyes lacked a sort of ‘me’ quality as well.


It really bugs me now, but I didn’t catch it while drawing; my frames are not symmetrical.

I know eyes usually aren’t, but the glasses don’t help.

Also, my face is too square and the whole drawing seems too dark.


This is the final product.

I can’t really say I’m happy with it.

This is one of those things that one can look at and always find something that can be improved upon.

Although the picture is blurry, I can see where my eyes are too uneven.

My lips are too big and poorly defined, making them look outlined and unbalanced.

My eyebrows and hair are strangely done.

And my eyes show no emotion whatsoever.

But the saddest thing is that it doesn’t look like me.

It looks like an attempt was made, but not successfully.


Still, I learned a lot from this process and through watching other people work.

I learned plenty about my own personal style and about the types of work I admire.

I learned that discipline must be coupled with passion to create a satisfactory product.

Technique can only take a drawing so far; inspiration and passion takes it the extra mile.

Honestly, if taken apart, everything about my drawing seems accurate.

But when it all comes together, it seems a little off.

I probably should have used the string more often.




chinenye’s super octo momma


I wrote this here because I couldn’t find your post…


I love this thing so much I devised a ninja plan to steal it in the middle of the night.

Except…Dana’s kinda scary at night so…I guess you can keep it.


I loved seeing you struggle with the subject matter (Gloria the Sea Turtle) and I adore the final product.

The monochromatic color scheme and use of lightweight, almost invisible materials really speaks to the serenity that the cloud emits.

It just floats above all of us with the perfect amount of swaying that makes it seem ethereal.

And the varying textures (both applied and implied) complement one another beautifully.

The fluffiness of the cotton-like stuffing and the straight, thin thread and the gooey raindrops.

They all balance each other out so that, even though the cloud is bigger up top, it feels light and balanced all around.

I also thought the varying lengths of raindrops were a great way to go; that sort of rhythm actually makes a huge difference to the piece.

And the way you’ve got it all vertically placed seems simplistic, but it actually works quite well.

It literally draws the eye to the cloud octopus, down the string, and to the raindrop octopi.

It also works well simply in the environment that it’s in.

The way the light hits it completely changes the attitude of the entire piece.

It can easily turn from a calm, fluffy cloud into a storm cloud ready to wash away all corruption.

Great piece.

Make one for my room next year.


superpower thingy: four sentences and summative post

    “It Just Might Consume You”

Visual Consciences

Sometimes people don’t realize how good or bad they really are.

But perhaps a visual conscience that has the ability to reflect their inner karma could help raise awareness.

Cloth, gold wire, trash bags, screws, plastic utensils, a bean bag, some thread, a candle, and a whole bunch of melting can create miracles.

An angelic, white form defined by softness and curls contrasts sharply with its final form; a mass of crooked, sharp angles.


This is Charlie and Charles again.

And my face and my roomie.

This was the finished product.

I just wanted to show the contrast between the height of the two figures.

Charlie is round and made from soft materials.

All the whimsical curls in the wire also attribute to his softness.

He embodies purity.



Charles is Charlie’s final form.

After attempting to stop you from doing bad things, Charlie stops trying to convince you and begins to reflect your inner karma.

The blacker your soul becomes, the blacker and bigger he gets.

Until he towers over you.

And, if you still refuse to change, he’ll consume you.



I loved this project.

It was full of surprises and helped me explore spontaneous creativity.

I’m a perfectionist.

But you can’t be one when it comes to melting plastic and coming up with creatures.

Charles is my absolute favorite because I’ve never made anything like him before.

And I love how he turned out.

super…thingy power

So Charlie and Charles are like visual consciences.

A person sees them while looking at their own reflection.

The process occurs in several stages.

Charlie continues to stay pure as long as you do.

He makes sure that you stay positive and overall a good person.

But if you start to change for the worse, he’ll tell you to listen and stay gold.

If you don’t, he’ll gradually morph into Charles.

And Charles is more of a tough love kinda guy.

He’ll hover over you silently, black acid dripping from his mouth.

He stinks of lies and bad karma and darkness.

He’ll either scare you straight or eat you whole.

So yeah.

That’s what they do

.When I first thought of super animal, I thought of Pokémon and dragon things.

But the whole idea came to me after I had a Disney/Pixar moment and Dory’s little comment, “Are you my conscience?” stuck to me.


Charlie is made out of a bean bag, stuffing, white fabric, gold wire, and lots and lots of thread.

All these things were found or donated to me.

Charlie is based off of Robert Frost’s poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay” and the Pokémon Wooper.

He also was inspired by Navi from Legend of Zelda.

The poem is as follows:

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf,
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day
Nothing gold can stay.

And a picture of Wooper is here:


Charles is also based on a Pokémon known as Muk.

(this is becoming a super nerdy post…)


Muk live in areas of high pollution so Charles sort of embodies that characteristic.

He lives only when there is hatred or evil or badness around.

Here is the Muk:

holy shit

And I just wanted his presence to consume people and freak them out.

waste land


Viz Muniz visits Brazil and the world’s largest dump.

There, he captures photos of the scavengers there and recreates them out of trash.

Then, he sells photos of these recycled art pieces and gives the proceeds back to the catadores.

It’s a moving movie with a great soundtrack and emotional moments.

One can only imagine the hardships the people who chose to live in the trash dump must be going through.

There are some people who want to leave Jardim Gramacho because there isn’t a future there for them.

The person I felt for the most was Tiao.

I especially felt for him when he spoke in that scene after his portrait sold.

He went on about having a dream once to create an organization and how no one believed in him at all.

He just really moved me.

And the fact that all of his dreams came true really inspired.

It was also nice to hear that, even when the landfill closed, he kept close to all of his fellow workers at Jardim Gramacho.

He even helped the city pay them all off!

Tiao dos Santos, now president of ACAMJG (the Association of Recycling Pickers of Jardim Gramacho)

And a leader of Movimento Nacional dos Catadores de Materiais Reciclaveis (National Movement of Collectors of Recyclable Materials)

Is a living inspiration.

my favorite opposition board: analysis


Okay, so this is Meerim’s board.

And her words, ‘vulgar’ and ‘dignified,’ are shown here.

I absolutely love how her board turned out, especially her abstraction of vulgar.

I remember looking at her thumbnails and laughing at how all of her vulgar ideas looked like bikinis, boobs, or underwear.

After a while, she came up with the idea to make the blob pop out of the box.

And I just think that the execution was awesome.

It has purpose and personality and just looks like the coolest blob of nothingness I’ve ever seen.

And the ketchup blob?


I also liked her dignified piece because it just screams glorious.

(A church? I mean, that’s the epitome of glory)

And the whiteness of it looks like it’s repelling the blackness of its surroundings.

I also love how the arch of the chapel seems to come up into the abstract piece, turning it into a unified whole.

Great work.

opposition project




So these three pairs were my final choices for this project.

(I apologize for the crappy photo resolution)

My words were ‘enthusiastic’ and ‘controlled’ and gave me a little bit of trouble at first.

But I continued to think about things that could be both controlled and enthusiastic

And I eventually thought of the thing in the hospital that monitors your heart rate.

And heart rates are usually very controlled things, especially when one’s heart stops beating.

That’s how I ended up with a small peak and a line.

But, when people party, their heart rates are off the charts.

That was the basis for the weird squiggles that look like happy people.

For the weird circle things on the second photo, my mind kept thinking about lanterns and candles.

And for the third one, I was inspired by wishes, dandelions, and dotted lines.


My final choice, with the help of classmates and Professor Ruby, was my first pair.

See the happy people and the dead person’s heartbeat?



I did have trouble wondering whether or not the line on the controlled side should be white on black or black on white.

I ended up making both and liking the white line on black more.

All I had to do by this point (after making the pieces) was to glue them down.


Okay, so I woke up on Sunday morning at around seven (don’t ask why) and played on my laptop until almost ten.

And I had only allocated an hour for the entire gluing process.

Brushing aside the fact that Dana is haunted and I’m a chicken, I plugged my iPod in and went straight to work.

First, I had to back my squares with white paper, but I didn’t have printer paper or the nice paper I had left over.

I eventually found some paper that I had leftover from another exercise and used that.

By the way, rubber cement is a DREAM to use.

It works beautifully.

I can’t say the same for the dry mount.

After tacking it on to the back of my pieces, I laid the four squares on the poster just the way Professor Ruby showed us.

But, once I had them there perfectly, I’d flip over the flap of my square to tack it down and, while doing so, moved it.

Let’s just say it took me three hours to get everything even, tacked down, and perfect.

But I cheated.

After making sure for my squares were PERFECTLY square and even with one another, I turned to the poster board.

And drew the lines at the exact increments directly on the poster board.

Then, I laid the squares down, tacked them, erased the pencil lines, and headed to the mounting press thingy.

After about five minutes at 270 degrees, my squares were still not glued down.

So, being the smart and efficient person that I am, I turned it up 350 degrees.

And, tada!


The precision and time that goes into this project really makes one’s respect for art and artists increase tenfold.

I couldn’t do this on a daily basis and my hat goes off to those who can.

But I really liked how mine turned out.

blind contour drawing exercises


So these are just a few shots of my drawings.

We drew hands without taking our eyes off our subject.

I liked this exercise alot.

More than I thought I would.

Things I learned:

I didn’t like the sharpie but it showed up much nicer than the ebony pencil.

My left hand spazzes out at times.

I draw better with instrumental music.

I like squiggles.

my valentine project


So this was my sketching and planning page.

I chose all the colors and wrote my little letter to my boyfriend.

Looking back, my need for perfection probably got the better of me.

A little spontenuity never hurt.

But it’s so hard for me!

Also, since my phone is not-so-smart, taking photos during the process isn’t an option.

And I keep forgetting my camera…

So here’s the final result:

P1020363 P1020364

It was supposed to be a giant postcard dedicated to my boyfriend and LDR in general.

And I liked my writing.

But the drawings were rushed.

Especially because I worked really hard trying to do everything by grid.

Apparently, it looked better unfinished in pencil.

The “eventually” aspect of it spoke more true to the message I was trying to convey.

Funny how things work out.

But I’m still learning how to get people to interact with my work.

And I can only get better~!

Here are the detail shots I took: